Industrial Service Solutions handles every aspect of your repair or rewind with our in-house, elite equipment shop services team. Our staff combined has centuries of experience in motor and generator repair. ISS is proficient in AC Squirrel Cage, AC Synchronous, AC Wound Rotor, DC Series, and DC Shunt motor repairs. From 15 KV to 20,000 hp to 100 hp, ISS meets a wide range of requirements from large chemical plants to small mom-and-pop shops.

ISS has one of the largest motor and generator repair centers in Texas. Our state-of-the-art facility provides comprehensive services including: teardown, inspection, evaluation, insulation systems, machining, balancing, sheet-metal fabrication, welding, testing, and quality control. ISS is a UL-listed shop for motor, generator, control panels, and explosion-proof equipment.

Our Expertise:

  • Electric Motors
  • Machinery
  • Metalworking Machines & Tools
  • Power Distribution Machines
  • Control Machines
  • Power Generators
  • Machinery Installation
  • Installation of Electrical & Generating Machinery

We answer our phones every day, all day, so please call us anytime.


Motor before rewinding, which is part of AmeriMex motor shop services.


Repair and rewinding is part of Amerimex motor shop services.


Industrial Service Solutions has the largest testing facility in North America with the capability to full-load test motors horizontally up 6,000 hp and vertically up to 5,000 hp. In addition, we can no-load test at 15 KV up to 25,000 hp. We engineer custom and specialized testing projects and/or scenarios to meet your specifications.

Our testing and application engineers are available to quote or create a testing solution catered to your needs, from testing drives and transformers to using our dynamometer for full-load testing vertically or horizontally. Our experienced team is available for testing and equipment shop repair so your project runs smoothly and efficiently. If anyone tells you it can’t be done, call us.

Testing at AmeriMex facilities is part of our shop services.

Test Stand Features

  • Computerized touch-screen controls with printouts
  • Camera and Internet connectivity
  • Vertical and horizontal full-load testing
  • Power quality meter and monitoring
  • Torque sensors up to 5,000 hp
  • Air-conditioned and heated-control room
  • Test motor variable frequency up to 6,000 hp
  • 13,000 VAC and below
  • Monitor and record KVA, KW, hp, torque, efficiency, power factor, and more
  • Precisely controlled temperatures in a 30,000-gallon water recirculation system for cooling motors and auxiliary equipment

We test for and determines the following:

  • Load test heat-run windings
  • Load test heat-run bearings
  • Efficiency
  • Input and output torque
  • Air flow
  • Air flow temperature rise
  • Water-cooled temperature rise
  • Water-cooled systems, capabilities for varying GPM’s
  • Control heat run
  • Wave forms
  • Harmonics emissions
  • Vibration
  • Commutation
  • Overload test
  • Overload rise
  • All voltages, rpm’s, enclosures, and control configurations
  • And and all other data a customer needs
Testing at AmeriMex facility is part of motor shop services.

Private customer witnessing and consulting provided. Load-testing facilities available 24/7.


Low-Voltage Electric Motors
Industrial Service Solutions offers a full range of low-voltage motors for our customers. We represent most major manufactures and offer highly competitive pricing.


ISS not only offers expert equipment shop services but also manufactures and delivers the exact part you need. We have on-site an extensive stock of spare parts to immediately meet your equipment needs. Our product experts are available in our warehouse 24/7 to solve problems and lend advice to keep your equipment running. Constant communication with our warehouse also means we instantly know and urgently deliver needed parts to our field services at your worksite. This minimizes your cost and downtime. Please contact us or view parts available.

• Complete armature assemblies
• Series wound field coils
• Shunt wound field coils
• Interpoles
• Frame heads (end bells)
• Bearings
• Bearing caps
• Oilfield hubs
• Brush holders
• Brushes
• Shaft assemblies
• Strip heaters
• Cooling blowers
• Lockout devices
• Pressure switches
• Cord grips


ISS can handle and supply all of your controls requirements. We offer PLC-based automation systems for drilling, dredging, metal recycling, mining excavators, marine propulsion, and many more applications. ISS uses advanced technologies in plant automation to remarkably minimize your downtime and maximize control access to your processes. We also utilize the latest technologies in wireless and Internet for diagnostic options to save you valuable time and money. ISS is so much more than equipment shop services.

Automation is part of Amerimex motor shop services.

Drilling Rig Controls

ISS Power Systems offers complete drilling rig-control systems to provide our customers automated control, comprehensive diagnostics, and easy-to-use functionality. We  can integrate control systems into consoles or complete driller cabins with our equipment shop services. We customize PLC-based automation packages for the rig to include comprehensive features.

Design Features

  • Automatic drilling with WOB and ROP
  • Mud pump control and synchronization
  • Top-drive and rotary table controls
  • Equipment protection and safety interlocks
  • Diagnostics and monitoring of rig functions
  • Integrated with stainless-steel consoles, operator/driller cabins, PLC cabinets, and remote I/O stations


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